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Our History

Leading solutions for steel constructionmachinery and plant engineering and environmental technology

The ASCO Group International is a corporate family with a focus on steel construction, machinery and plant engineering and environmental technology, which was founded in 1997.

ASCO Group consists of 9 companies and provides solutions ranging from steel construction, machinery and plant engineering to service and automation. Depending on customer requirements, we are therefore capable of realizing individual as well as overall projects on a national or international basis.

Contrary to most industrial enterprises, we are a family of companies with a clear focus on leading solutions in steel-, plant-, and environmental technology. As of today, 9 companies with specialized know-how are part of our group. Additionally, we can also implement joint products in fields from engineering to automation and service. Our customers value our special know-how as well as our focus on teamspirit, which distinguishes us from our competition.

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Our History

CS Elektro- und Energietechnik GmbH

The specialist for photovoltaics and energy optimization became part of the Asco Group International in 2023. CS Elektro- und Energietechnik GmbH takes care of green energy in several areas, thus forming the perfect complement.

LITech GmbH

In 2021 LITech became partner of ASCO Group International. LITech is a specialist in sample preparation, samplin & sieving. The devices are used by various world market leaders in industry as well as internaitonally recognized universities.

AS Automation GmbH

AS Automation GmbH was founded in 2018 as an expert in automation technology and electrical engineering by Ing. Thomas Konrad and Dieter Schmidt. The company realizes projects in the field of electrical engineering, automation and monitoring.

ASCO BH d.o.o.

ASCO BH d.o.o. was founded together with AGI, Jaksche Technology and DI Andreas Anbauer in 2018 as a supplier for premium parts and High-End engineering solutions. The company plans and produces parts as well as components and is an expert in standadization and quality assurance.

ASCO Apparatebau GmbH

ASCO Apparatebau GmbH was founded in 2017 as a specialist for apparaturs engineering together with Andreas Rothleitner and Christian Mottnik. The company is specialized in producing containers, components as well as assembly and commissioning.

ASCO Rohrbau GmbH

ASCO Rohrbau GmbH was founded in 2017 as an expert in pipeline technology and assembly together with Hannes Wurzer, Gerhard Hofstätter and Markus Asprian. The company produces and supplies pipelines for all industries and is a competent partner in assembly work.


ASCO-Doha was founded in 2015 together with Beam Constructions and Günther Baum in order to develop the sales network in the Gulf countries.

ASCO Engineering GmbH

In 2014 ASCO Engineering GmbH was founded as a technical service provider for companies in the fields of plant engineerinig, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering as well as electrical engineering and information technology together with Mag. Daniel Edelsbacher. The company is specialist in human resource and quality management as well as work safety.

Multi-Channel Systems GmbH

Multi-Channel Systems GmbH (MCS) was founded in 2013 together with DI Heimo Hyden as a specialist in onlinemarketing and communications. Since its foundation the portfolio has continuously been expanded by system support, programming and web applications.

ASCO Clean Air Technology GmbH

ASCO Clean Air Technology (ASCO CAT) was founded in 2011 as a specialist in biomass heating plants tuning, filter technology, service and maintencance together with Christian Kropiunik. Since its beginning, the company’s customer network has been expanded by Italy and Germany.

AIS pbw GmbH

AIS pbw GmbH was founded with Gerhard Hofstätter in 2008. Since then the company has focused on 24h-care. 2017 the new AIS Center was opened which offers many new and modern conference rooms and courses

AIS Versicherungsmanagement GmbH

In 2007 Gerhard Hofstätter became the first group partner of AGI with AIS Versicherungsmanagement GmbH. With the help of his sales expertise, he developed the services branch into a crucial success pillar of the ASCO Group International.

ASCO Group International (AGI)

ASCO Group International (AGI) was founded in 2006 by Mag. Alexander and Ing. Claus Kügele as a strategic holding for the realisation of cost- and value synergies. Ever since the company has continuously been expanded by various branches. The result speaks for itself: group turnover has grown by 17% / year.

ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH

ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH was founded in 2002 by the takeover of assets by ASCO Anlagenbau and the founding of ATM Recyclingsystems by Ing. Claus Kügele. In 2007 a new plant was opened in Fohnsdorf, from where high performance metal recycling systems are produced and delivered to customers across the globe.

ASCO Anlagenbau Consulting GmbH

ASCO Anlagenbau Consulting GmbH was founded in 1997 by Ing. Claus Kügele. ASCO Group International was eventually built and expanded on the basis of ASCO Anlagenbau Consulting GmbH. The slogan “ASCO Powerplay in Steel” stands for the company’s special Know-How in the fields of steel, hall and mast construction.